“The audience ate it up… The show is wonderful and incredibly fun… …a celebration of chaos and clown anarchy”

Clowning is an art of art form requiring formidable skills. Count the members of AGA-BOOM as masters of the form.
- Winnipeg Free Press

“The performance lived from moment to moment, second to second, and I can say without reservation this is the single best event ever put on by the Bermuda Festival. The highlight of the night came at the very end, when all semblance of order and civilization finally crumbled, giving way to primordial savagery. And balloons. Lots and lots of balloons. Balloons that Aga, Dash, and Boom bounced freely among the audience; balloons that kept growing in size and diameter until they threatened to squash the hapless adults who had become lost in madness. Only the children were really in their element, and I have to thank the Heavens that I never experienced Aga-Boom at the same age as them. Everything afterwards would appear grey and ineffectual in comparison.”
- Bermudas Sun

“Ivanytska is a compelling performer. Emotions – bewilderment, mischief, anger, joy – are written large across her face and her body language is equally eloquent. You just want to stay and play all day”

 - Toronto Star (3 stars of 4)

“Aga-Boom offers up simple delight that is – well – simply delightful”

- Toronto Sun (4 stars of 4)

"September 7, 2004: Proclaimed as AGA-BOOM Day in the City of Las Vegas by Mayor Oscar Goodman"
Proclamation Photo 1 Photo 2

...Eastern European clowning delight — which, it must be said, does make you feel like a kid again...

And the clowning is first-rate, as it should be, given that this is one of the new wave of shows attempting to introduce European-style clown-theater to America.

- SF Chronicle

“Aga-boom fills the theater with flying wads and flakes of paper, laughter, whoops and screams of children and adults alike. Masterly clowning with its own originality… Pure family fun... In Iryna Ivanytska as the lead clown, Boom, has a clown of extraordinary talent, expressive from the top of her wild pale wig to the red shag toes of her oversize slippers.”

- The New York Times

“Aga-Boom is a unique theatrical event that will have the entire family – young and old alike-laughing, smiling and thinking...
...Rooted in the unique style and universal language of clowning, Aga-Boom cuts through the-barriers of language and culture with art of slapstick, the humor of physical comedy and the delightful excitement of childhood.”
- The Burbank Times

“…A hugely entertaining experience, masterminded and directed by Dimitri Bogatirev and his wife, Irina Ivanytska, both former members of Cirque du Soleil… this show formsa bond with its audience for a shared energy that is infectious… a frenzy of scenes that build toward an unforgettable chaotic finale, show culminates in cheer glee…”

- Backstage West “Critic’s choice”

“Russian-born Dimitry Bogatirev, a veteran of Cirque du Soleil productions “Alegria” and “O,” has liberated the soul of clown, allowing these much put-upon characters to reveal their inner passions and conceits, as well as their foible.” Read full review

- Daily Variety

“The grand finale come closer to being literally riotous- as in so funny that the audience did more than just laugh- than any theatrical experience within memory… The kids in the audience were on cloud nine, but hardly more so than the adults.” Read full review

- Los Angeles Times

“Grownups with or without children will appreciate the show’s sophisticated sense of humor”

- LA Weekly “Pick of the week”

“A Booming success…Deft, as well as humorous and wonderfully wired. There’s something vaguely post-apocalyptic about the world established by “Aga-Boom-ers…

…Aga-Boom’s” frenzied finale is pretty much guaranteed to send the younger set to the exits free of any previously harnessed energy they came in with.”

- Daily News (3½ stars out of 4)

“I can’t imagine any audience member of any taste, nationality, or age leaving this show without a big smile on their face. Unique and universal style… ”

- The Tolucan Times

“Another Russian revolution is on its way…”

- Spectacle (a journal of the circus arts)

“Time Square isn’t likely to get any louder or more celebratory during the holiday season than during run of the booming Aga-Boom in the New Victory Theater”

- Associated Press

"Aga-boom (a spin on the Russian word for paper – boomaga) is an interactive ride full of inflated garbage bags, slapstick and acrobatic feats, including creator Dimitri Bogatirev’s masterful juggling of suitcases and toy airplanes…Rolling with laughter…”

- Daily News (in Guide to What’s Hot)

“Aga-Boom is charming family fare that inspires equally intense enjoyment in grown-ups and kids.”
- Time Out, New York

Clearly talented performers..."

- Variety

“New-age clowning is a theatrical spectacle for all ages. It brings out the child in us all… Comedy, craziness and charm.”
- The Honolulu Advartiser

“The five-person troupe represents an army of fun. They mount a full assault on the audience with an arsenal of sounds effects, props and dazzling physical comedy.”


- JACKPOT! Magazine

Ivanytska quickly draws everyone into her orbit, never letting go. She is a mercurial actor and mover.

- Village Voice

Iryna Ivanytska’s Boom who is the real protagonist of the piece, and her simple mischief got her a standing ovation

- NY Theatre

"Aga-Boom is praiseworthy for its ingenuity and knack for sending off roomfuls of spectacles reeling with delight."

- Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Best of This Weekend… on stage AGA-BOOM!
- Las Vegas Review-Journal - 1
- Las Vegas Review-Journal - 2
- Las Vegas Review-Journal - 3

The Sell-Out Broadway Sensation.
- Khaleej Times - 1
- Khaleej Times - 2

“Aga-Boom”, one of the most creative shows to heat Vegas in a while, is perfect for the entire clan.

- Las Vegas Sun

Hugely entertaining experience… messiest grand finale ever.

- What’s On

Aga-Boom is simplistic and elaborate; it’s child-like and sophisticated, but most of all it’s downright fun. Aga-Boom clowns are more that you’d ever expect. They’re masters of true art form.
- Vegastars


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